projectTEN: March 2017

We had so much beautiful weather in the last month & we were out enjoying it as much as possible! I'm sure I should be more concerned about what's happening to our planet, but I'll take bare legs and park days in February and March any time!!

projectTEN: February 2017

Each year I start wishing for Spring almost the minute that Christmas is over. We've had a lot of gray days this year & though it hasn't been very cold, winter can be hard. So I choose to fight against the dreariness with trips to the greenhouse and celebrate smiling kids full of love on the days the sun shines.

projectTEN: January 2017

Last year one of my photography goals was to complete a 365 project. While not always easy, it was a great way to push myself to look for inspiration while documenting daily life.

This year I'm joining a talented group of photographers committing to posting our 10 favorite non-work images on the 10th of each month. 

This adventure is called projectTEN.

Here in Burkholder land, we're back into the routine of school & work, but loved every second of Christmas break. This week we had one final Christmas present when our kiddos gained a new cousin more than 2 weeks early. Welcome to the world Jade, 2017 will be sweeter because you are here!